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Keryl Brown

Certified Public Accountant / Tax Analyst

Join Keryl Brown as she helps people understand the importance of maintaining a strong, life-long, financial well-being. She specializes in speaking to large audiences, mentoring and individual coaching regarding several areas of finance.

A force to be reckoned with for over 25 years in finance, Keryl simplifies taxes, business startups and financial planning into savory, small, digestible pieces that awakens the financial palette. Keryl applies old school principals such as integrity and integrates new methodologies to create strategies applicable for our new global economy.

Keryl recently began mentoring our youth on obtaining a command of finance at an early age. She gives seminars to those approaching the work force regarding retirement, education and emergency planning. Keryl is an advocate for “connecting the dots within the community”.

Keryl has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. She has a strong command of tax laws for individuals and businesses. She can help with all types of tax matters, including tax resolution, audits, appeals, negotiations and representation. Come Meet & Speak with Keryl to change your outlook on finances.

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