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Are Your Most Valued Assets Protected?

K & K Financial and Tax Services has grown over the years in order to provide you with dependable services that exceed your individual, business, and tax needs. Our years of expertise are apparent in every step of the process. We have several convenient solutions available. Choose the solution and method that applies to your current situation. We'll help you explore options and experience scenarios that will help you succeed.

Filing taxes has never been easier. By using K & K you can arrive at your smallest tax liability or largest refund in the fastest possible time. You can be confident that real people are representing you. K & K Financial and Tax Services is on your side to give you the best results every time. From filing taxes to business establishment, we are here for you. The info boxes below will help you gather your documents and let you know what information that we will need. The form will help you get started today. Welcome to the K & K Family.

Items Needed

As we approach a new economic cycle, it’s smart to begin thinking about your financial future. While your appointment may be a few days away, it is beneficial to gather your documents early. The less you have to worry about last minute hiccups, the easier that preparing for your appointment will be. With that being said, do you know what documents you need to prepare? As a rule of thumb, the more information you can provide, the better. We have included a few documents that we consider “must have’s” to begin. Please let us know if you need help with any particular item.

K&K Financial and Tax Services

Tax Solutions

Raising The Standards
Recent Tax Return
Wage Statements
S.S. Card
Real Estate Docs
Expenses Receipts
Dependents' Info
K&K Financial and Tax Services

Tax Resolutions

Accurate, Accredited, Affordable
Tax Solution Docs +
Canceled Checks
Legal Papers
Loan Agreements
Theft/Loss Docs
Travel Diaries
K&K Financial and Tax Services

Business Launch

Planning For The Future
Selected Industry
Service Offerings
Viability Worksheet
Potential Partners
S.S. Card
K&K Financial and Tax Services

Accounting Services

Get It Right. The First Time.
Organizational Docs
Tax Docs
Loan Docs
Financial Docs
Personal Info
Dependent(s) Info
Income and Losses
K&K Financial and Tax Services

Retirement Planning

Here To Serve
Pension Docs
Beneficiary Designation
S.S. Docs
Investment Docs
Insurance Policies
Health Care Docs
Tax Returns
K&K Financial and Tax Services

Home Purchase Planning

We’ll Help You Get There
Current Pay Stubs
W2s (last Two Years)
Federal Tax Returns
Bank Statements
Asset Statements
Credit Reports
Driver's License
K&K Financial and Tax Services

Education Planning

Secure Your Goals
Income Docs
Asset Docs
Tax Docs
Credit Bureaus
School List
Estimated Tuition
GPA / Honors
K&K Financial and Tax Services

Auto Purchase Planning

Committed to Solutions
Current Pay Stubs
Trade In Docs
Car Insurance
Bank Statements
Ban. Discharge Docs
Monthly Budget
Credit Reports
Driver's License

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