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Emergency Solutions

When there is an emergency, that requires immediate attention, K & K Financial and Tax Services are your 24/7 financial solutions company. They do so with understanding, compassion, confidentiality and skills developed over many years of top-level executive experience. K & K Financial and Tax Services retains various attorneys and enrolled agents as appropriate in specific cases.

K & K Financial and Tax Services is the company to call when there is no room for error. Don't feel alone when faced with the crisis of a financial emergency. If you are facing an IRS related obstacle or need a financial document, K & K Financial and Tax Services is the company to call. Our experts are available to be your resource to help you save money and help to permanently resolve your tax issues in a prompt amount of time. We specialize in providing financial help to small businesses and individuals. Relief is as close as a button away.

"The best things in life are free, but sooner or later the government will find a way to tax them." - Anonymous

Emergency Solutions Services

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The length varies depending on the type of audit; the complexity of the issues; the availability of information requested; the availability of both parties for scheduling meetings; and your agreement or disagreement with the findings.
Under federal law the maximum amount a creditor can receive is 25percent of disposable earnings, unless state or local law provides a lower maximum amount. The applicable federal statute is the Consumer Credit Protection Act and is found at 15 U.S.C. 1673.
No! This action could have devastating consequences for you and your family. By adding someone else’s name to your assets can have negative gift tax implications for the giver, capital gains tax issues, and expose you to the child’s creditors.
In general, applications are processed in the order received by the IRS. Sometimes, however, the IRS will work an application outside the regular order. For expedited processing to be granted, however, there must be a compelling reason to process the case ahead of others. Compelling reasons include the following: 1) A pending grant, where failure to secure the grant will have an adverse impact on the organization's ability to continue operating. 2) A newly created organization providing disaster relief to victims of emergencies. 3) IRS errors have caused undue delays in issuing a determination letter.